Try Our Sample Training

Many people go to the gym these days to improve their heaths, build muscle, or lose their weights. Training is one of the ways to change their health condition, and having enough muscles, or being healthy, will help people's lives. However, training is not the only way to achieve what people want with their bodies. Running, tennis and yoga are great examples of what the Japanese do. But sometimes, because of the amount of information in the air, some people are confused about what to start.


何から始めようか迷っている方、ぜひIs Total Body Station マークイズ店にて体験から始めてみましょう!

I's Total Body Station at Mark Is will help those people who want to do some exercises, but do not know what to start. We provide you the opportunity to experience what our services are. Our experience course will have four sections, counseling, training, conditioning care, and planning, and the whole course will take around two hours. You can make an appointment with a phone call, website, or at our store. (What you need to bring is training clothes, indoor shoes, towel, and water. We also lend clothes and shoes.)


#1 Counseling

In this session, we will ask you some basic questions to know your recent body conditions. Knowing your background information, and conditions will help us building the best menu for your body. After that, we will check your flexibility and body strains. This part will avoid the possibility of getting injured. With all of enough information, we will start training! 


#2 Training

Now you are going to work out! With our training experience, and knowledge, you will have the best fitted training menu to change your body. Basically first 10 to 15 minutes, you will be doing cardio to warm up your body. After, you are going to do stretching to prevent from having accidents. Then, we will train you! In this step, we watch you do some basic exercises, and see where your level is. Also, these information will be our based to create a menu for you.


#3 Conditioning

Our policy is Training and Conditioning. Conditioning is also where our focus is, and it is, of course, really important. Now, why is it important? Well, after you used your muscles, they will be hard basically. And if you keep them inflexible for long time, this is where your injuries come from. This step is mainly taking care of your body to avoid accidents in the future.  


#4 Planning

This is the last step for sample training. We will discuss about the our feedback. Based on our knowledge, and your condition, we plan short, and long term goals. Hearing your specific goals helps us to have clear picture of what we need to do, and keeps us motivated.


These four sections are what we do at the first experience class. After these sections, we will discuss your weekly plans, and contracts.


Our purpose is to help you to get what you want your body to be and provide you the best body condition. And expectantly, you will be able to take care of yourself, that is our final goal. Thank you so much for reading this blog, and hopefully, this is where your journal begins!

トレーニングとコンディショニングの両方からアプローチをかけてお客様の体を変えていく、これがIs のポリシーです!